Therapy Prices

Please note that these prices are a guide as therapists offer individual pricing. Tailored packages can be arranged to suit individuals.

Healthy BodyHealthy Mind
Abdominal Massage
B12 Injections Single Dose
B12 Injections Four Doses
Back, Shoulder & Neck Massage         3/4 hour
from £35
Colon Hydrotherapy Initial consultation/treatment
Colon Hydrotherapy follow up treatment
Colon Hydrotherapy Coffee Retention Enema (post colonic)
Colon Hydrotherapy Anti-parasitic Retention Enema (during colonic)
Colon Hydrotherapy General Herbal Infusion (during colonic)
Castor Oil Pack and Abdominal Massage. An alternative for those who are unable to have a colonic.
Craniosacral Therapy
Deep Tissue Massage
Holistic Herbal Massage
Holistic Facial Massage
from £45
Hopi Ear Candle
 Indian Head Massage 3/4 hour
Physio Pilates one to one 45 mins
 Physiotherapy on enquiry                      initial consultation £55
NO HANDS Massage
£35 – £55
Pregnancy Massage 
£45 – £60
Remedial Massage
Sports Massage and Taping
£45.00/ £60
Thai Herbal Compress Massage
£45.00 / £60.00
TMJ Massage Therapies
£60.00 / £90.00
Tui-Na Chinese Massage
£45.00 / £60.00
Thai Yoga Massage
£45.00 / £60.00
Clinical Psychology
 on enquiry
Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT)
 on enquiry
EMDR Trauma Treatment
 on enquiry
Energy Therapy
 on enquiry
 on enquiry
Low Cost Counselling
 on enquiry
 on enquiry
 on enquiry
Psychosexual Therapy
 on enquiry
 on enquiry
Relationship Counselling
 on enquiry
Stress Management & Life Skills Consultancy
on enquiry
 Therapeutic Counselling
 on enquiry