Martin Paine Ecotherapy. Touch for Health. Systemic Constellations.

My core training was in Reichian psychotherapy – character analysis and bodywork. My understanding of the nature of the self – the nature of human nature – comes also from training in Buddhism. I am a Healer Member of the Pilgrim Healers. Ecotherapy. All this I now place in the broader context of Deep Ecology and Ecopsychology.  I have trained with Joanna Macy and am accredited by her as a facilitator of what is now called The Work that Reconnects.

Ecopsychology considers human identity as inseparably and intimately part of the natural world. Ecotherapy can involve simply enjoying the support of the Natural Environment – and we have access to woodland adjacent to the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre – and recovering our relationship with it as a member of the Earth community.

Ecopsychotherapy admits the distress we all feel at some level at environmental destruction and the climate crisis.

Touch for Health is a non-invasive, simple and safe form of kinesiology that combines modern Western techniques with traditional 5-element Chinese medicine to restore body and mind.  A great strength of Touch for Health is the number of self- help tools that can be offered to clients to practise on their own and make their own. My personal practice includes Healing Tao, or Taoist Chi Kung/Qi Gong, which influences and feeds into my therapy and healing work and which is also based on Chinese 5-elelemt theory.

Systemic Constellations. Although best known for exploring family dynamics, systemic constellations are also a powerful tool for examining any and all of our important relationships in life, including our relationship with Nature. Constellations can represent or map other wider systems such as organisations, and, for example, the hidden stories and influences of systemic racism, colonialism or the gender divide.  They form part of my Men’s work. This is deep soul work that directly reaches the parts that other practices can approach only slowly or rarely.

Systemic Constellations can reveal the undercurrents of our lives, the undertows that sometimes take us to places where we do not want to be, or where we are unwell or feel unsafe.