Pippa King Intuitive Therapy & Energy Healing

Intuitive Therapy & Energy Healing

22 years experience helping you come back into balance. Reiki, ThetaHealing, EFT, Access Bars, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Rahanni, Inner Child Work, Golden Soul Codes & Crystal Healing.

A Holistic Approach to Well-Being

1:1 Sessions | Certified Healing Courses | Workshops

Are you trying to break free of blocks, limiting life patterns, beliefs, fears and traumas that have been holding your back from living your fullest life?

Would you like to move forward feeling calmer, confident and more free?

Feeling at peace with yourself and being the fullest expression of you?

Then an intuitive therapy and/or energy healing could help you to overcome these challenges in a safe, calm and relaxed way to create powerful and lasting change. I can help you find freedom and relief from what’s been in the way of your happiness so that you can move forward with new found calm, confidence and improved sense of well-being.

Because I understand that every client and life challenge is unique, I bring a powerful mix of practical skills, combined with my intuitive gifts and over 22 years' energy healing experience to tailor my sessions to your specific needs. This creates great results!

I work with the whole person, your body's wisdom, subconscious mind’s creativity and soul’s guidance for you to access your own inner wisdom and healing. The body / energy processes that I work with bypass the logical mind and work at a deep level to bring about fast, profound and often instant change. Shifting patterns that have felt stuck or blocked, often bringing freedom and relief when other approaches have failed.

This is NOT conventional talk therapy, by working directly with the subconscious and body’s energy system, there is less verbalisation and re-traumatisation, you feel the changes and relief in your mind and body instantly. I also give your tools to move forward and take your life in your stride with a new bounce in your step. I believe that you are your own best healer and you already have the answers within, I just assist you to access your own ability to rebalance so you can enjoy being you.

I specialise in recovery from trauma, freedom from old patterns and finding calm/balance within. Whether these have begun in childhood, further back in past lives or have been handed down genetically I can help you find relief, peace, freedom and wholeness again.

Move from

Anxiety to peace

Fear to ease

Stress to calm

Burdened to free

Stuck to flow

Sadness to happy

Anger to calm

Blocked to free

Muddle to clarity

Reviews “I have been seeing Pippa periodically over the past 5 years, initially suffering from a debilitating sleeping problem. Having spent months taking sleeping tablets and doing everything that the doctors suggested I do to alleviate this problem; I was no further forth and had reached breaking point. My initial meeting with Pippa was reassuring, supportive and above all gave me tremendous hope for eliminating my current issues. Needless to say, I after a few sessions, I now manage my sleep very well. I am now a regular visitor to Pippa, amongst other things she has the greatest ability to calm my nerves, help me to stay focused and positive on whatever emotional and physical issues that are thrown my way. My most recent appointments have been around fertility issues which she has helped me over come and given me the strength, encouragement and belief that I could get pregnant…..I am currently expecting! I cannot speak or recommend more highly Pippa King she has been so influential in my life, giving me the tools that allow me to resolve and conquer my emotional and physical problems.” Fluer, Cornwall

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(Please note that my mobile is constantly on silent & due to the nature of my work, is the most difficult form of contact for me to respond to. Please text, WhatsApp or email for quickest response! Thank you:)