Cheryl Jenkins (CJ) PhD Somatic Therapist and Bodyworker

Our body, or soma, is an amazing resource we can draw from once we learn how to sense, feel and connect with it.

CJ has been exploring and practising various styles of bodywork and somatic therapies since 2000. She has trained in a variety of modalities and is offering Somatic Therapy including Pesso-Boyden psychotherapy, and Thomas Hanna Somatics at The Blue Lotus Therapy Centre, Cornwall.

CJ is fascinated by what it means to be human and how we can engage, enjoy, and experience life in a fulfilling way. Throughout her journey, CJ has focused on understanding what can limit us, and stop us from living freely and fiercely, particularly because of trauma and life challenges that might affect us physically, mentally and/or emotionally. A cornerstone of her work is engaging with the body, the mind, and the brain so that we can reconnect with all our senses – either with the breath, focused movements, and tuning into sensations, images, memories, or anything else that may arise during the session. With CJ gently guiding you, you will learn to engage and regulate your nervous system to find a sense of ease and well being to help move forwards despite the challenges of life. CJ is committed to providing her best for her clients and receives regular supervision from her somatic therapy and bodywork mentors. CJ is a member of the National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists and the British Complementary Medicine Association. Which session might be best for you?

Somatic therapy offers the opportunity to create space, slow down and explore what’s happening in your life, how you experience your life through your body, and how you might expand your capacity to live more fully. CJ draws from a variety of somatic traditions to help you connect with bodily sensations, movements, and feelings to engage with your felt sense. When we connect with the felt sense of the felt self, awareness develops, insight emerges, and shifts take place. This facilitates therapeutic change, emotional re-education, integration of past and present challenges to create new possibilities for yourself and your life, and reconnection with your power and agency.

Pesso-Boyden is a body-based psychotherapy method developed by Al Pesso and Diane Boyden, two dancers who combined depth psychology and bodywork with the latest neuroscience to help people have a felt-sense experience of getting their needs met, creating a new blueprint to inform life. Clients report a lessening of the power of trauma or unmet developmental needs and a greater connection with their true selves so that they can experience more pleasure, satisfaction, meaning and connectedness with others in daily life.

Thomas Hanna Somatics is movement-based re-education where you will learn to sense and feel your soma (body) to engage (shorten), lengthen, release, and relax your tissues. It can address physical issues such as lower back, neck, hip, jaw, pelvic, or knee pain or injuries and postural problems. Somatics can help you find both physical and emotional resilience, freedom in the breath and calm in the mind.