Elena West Massage Therapist PhD., BSc., MIHT. Member of Buteyko Clinic International Thai Yoga Massage, Holistic massage, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Feet massage, Holistic Head and Face, Spa massage . Buteyko Breathing Instructor and Martial Arts Practitioner

Elena trained originally as a midwife and later, in 1993, as a massage therapist before studying Massage, Rehabilitation and Recreational Exercise at Moscow University where she graduated in 1998 and finished her PhD in 2003.

She has worked as a massage therapist at various clinics in Russia.

Since moving to Cornwall in 2012 she has worked as a massage therapist providing different type of healing therapy and yoga instructor in the West Cornwall area.

The price for massage From £45

Holistic Massage 1h/1,5 h

Ideal to uplift and rejuvenate mind, body and soul, it commences with very relaxing foot massage and followed by back, head and face massage releasing any tension and harmonising and rebalancing the the whole system.

Holistic Head and Face massage 1h

The stresses and pressures of everyday life can lead to:


heavy shoulders



tired eyes...

Does this sound like you? Come and have a rejuvenating head, face and neck massage to set you up to face the world. Appointments are generally one hour and will leave you feeling like the new person that you always knew was inside somewhere, trying to get out.Apart from relief from the above symptoms, benefits include:relaxes the whole body,improves concentration,lifts your mood Improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, generally leaves you feeling good. Suitable for all ages

Foot massage 1h

This is a massage of the feet and lower legs incorporating methods from reflexology, Thai Yoga Massage and shiatsu. The massage is applied by pressing with fingers thumbs and knuckles, rubbing and bending the feet to stretch them and relax them. Finer pressure is sometimes applied using a specially designed wooden tool.

This is great for tired feet, especially if you have been standing all day or exercising hard.

Foot massage is considered to be particularly effective in opening the energy channels of the body and so its benefits extend to the whole body, not just the area being treated.

There are many benefits from foot massage, including:

stress relief

improved sleep

improves your mood

improved imune response

improved concentration

improved circulation in the feet and lower legs

improved general flexibility in the feet and legs

What is involved in a Thai Foot Massage Treatment?

A full consultation is carried out allowing a treatment to be tailored to the clients needs. Client remains fully clothed, ideally wearing loose fitting clothing that can be taken up comfortably above the knee. The client lies on the treatment couch, and the therapist begins by applying massage oil to both feet and legs. As well as the therapist using palms, fingers, thumbs and knuckles to work the feet a traditional massage stick is also used.

Thai Yoga Massage 1h/1.5h

According to legend, Buddha’s physician Jivaka Komarpaj was the founder of the system now called Thai Yoga Massage, though it has probably changed considerably since his time.

Energy from the breath (Lom) travels through the body along lines (Sen). While this sounds like the Chinese system of Meridians, it is in fact much closer to Prana of Yoga. Many of the stretches used in the sessions are similar to those used in Yoga, and the method of opening the lines consists of a series of presses by the practitioner using various parts of their body depending on the intensity needed.

The treatment is characterized by a rocking motion which uses the body weight to regulate the direction and pressure of each press.

With TYM, the body is massaged, manipulated and stretched with applied Yoga postures, increasing range of movement and improving body alignment. Working with the breath is an important aspect of TYM, helping to improve breathing rhythms and inducing relaxation. The movements of the practitioner and client is a form of moving meditation, with clients often remarking that they feel both energised and relaxed after a treatment session.

TYM is suitable for the massage needs of many people. Sports people and performance artists benefit from the deep pressures and stretches that are used. Clients that feel unfit and wish to go back to an exercise routine may find that TYM helps to prepare the body by opening the joints, and the gradual release of tight muscles and connective fascia tissue.

As the massage is performed mostly on the floor it is recommended to wear comfortable loose clothes such as a tracksuit or loose trousers and a tee shirt.