Elena West PhD., BSc., MIHT. Member of Buteyko Clinic International Thai Yoga Massage, Pregnancy Massage , Soft and Deep Tissue Massage, Holistic Facials

Buteyko Breathing Instructor, Yoga instructor, Massage therapist (Thai Yoga Massage, Holistic massage, Pregnancy massage, Cranio Sacral Therapy) and martial arts practitioner ( 6dan Jodo, 5dan Iaido)
Breathing Class based on Buteyko method .
What is Buteyko method?
Dr Konstantin Buteyko developed his system of re-educating breathing to heal many breathing related conditions. The method uses simple exercises to increase nasal breathing and reduce mouth-breathing in order to promote better health. Elena structures courses to help individuals depending on their condition and severity. The clients will be asked to keep a record of their exercises so that they can see their own progress.
By focussing on slow, even nasal breathing and relaxation, breathing habits are retrained to rebalance and optimise the use of the oxygen that the body needs, which in turn alleviates various breathing related conditions.
Buteyko Method is helpful for people with:
Insomnia Sleep Apnoea Snoring Anxiety and Panic Disorder Asthma Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Other breathing and sleep disorders Enhancing sports performance
One to one sessions in the clinic (or online) £45.00 per hour   Small groups up to 4 people can be accommodated. Please e-mail me to discuss arrangements and rates.