Dave Sowden Oriental Massage & Bodywork - Macrobiotic Health Coaching - Reiki & QiGong

Dave has been practising Complementary Therapies since 1996. First starting with Reiki and then progressing into other forms of Oriental Bodywork & Therapeutics. He has also been a further and adult education tutor, teaching for the Cornwall Adult Education Service, Truro College, and the Workers Education Association (WEA); from short courses to ITEC level 3 diploma courses.

Dave has wide range of experience, working with people of all works of live including: the elderly, sports people, office workers, builders and physical labourers, and pregnant mums-to-be. Consultation is taken before a treatment so that each treatment is individually tailored to the client’s requirements.

Dave has studied in the UK, as well as Thailand, India and Indonesia, and from a young age had a deep fascination of Asian/Oriental culture, philosophy and healing methods. He uses the umbrella term Ki to Health as his business name to encompass many of his skills and practice, Ki (kee) being the Japanese term for life-force energy and a play with the English word Key. There are three major aspects of Dave’s Complementary Healthcare practice:

Oriental Massage & Bodywork – Thai Yoga Massage integrated with Shiatsu and Abdominal Chi Massage, providing an effective form of bodywork for many aches and pains in the body, and promote general wellbeing. Treatments are generally done fully clothed, but herbal balms and compresses may be used to enhance the treatment.

Macrobiotic Health Coaching – Based on Oriental medicine and philosophy, and mainly focuses on wholefood diet and nutrition, but also takes into account personal and spiritual development. Macrobiotics looks at the bigger picture of health; and includes Oriental diagnosis, dietary advice, health coaching and emotional work, and wholefood cooking classes.

Reiki – Japanese system of hands-on healing, helping to balance the body, mind and spirit. Reiki is a gentle treatment, helping self-healing processes in the body and calming the mind. Reiki treatments is often described by clients as deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.

Qi Gong – pronounced Chee Goong, this is a Chinese mind-body-energy exercise system that has many of the benefits of Tai Chi & Yoga, but easier to learn and practice. Qigong helps with coordination, boost the immune system, stimulates circulation, helps with fall prevention and gives a sense of wellbeing. Weekly classes are available with occasional weekend workshops.

More information about Dave’s work can be found on his website: www.kitohealth.co.uk

Or you can speak to him direct on: 07791 042260

+07791 042260