Learning About & Cooking with Plant-Based Proteins

Learn how to cook with tofu, tempeh, seitan, beans, quinoa and other plant-based proteins. Ideal for vegetarians, vegans, and people interested in healthy living, and catering for others.

Saturday 19th October 10am to 12noon. Cost £20

Learning About & Cooking with Seaweeds

Learn how to cook with seaweeds and about their amazing health benefits. We will be covering soups, stews, salads, condiments and sushi recipes, and will be mostly vegan and gluten-free!

Saturday 23th November 10am to 12noon. Cost £20

Qi Gong: Movement & Relaxation Exercises

Regularly classes held at the Blue Lotus in blocks of 4 weekly sessions for £28 on Wednesdays 6.30 to 7.30pm and Thursdays 11am to 12noon.  

For more information:

Or contact your tutor Dave Sowden on:

07791 042260

Our Congratulations to Gemma Starling

We would like to share Gemmas wonderful news upon graduating from The Acupuncture Academy in Royal Leamington Spa, Gemma was awarded with a Distinction and was also Highly Commended for her clinical work. Her training was extensive and covered all aspects of Chinese medical and acupuncture theory, with a focus on the five element approach. Gemma is now working as a Traditional Acupuncturist from the Blue Lotus.

Making Healthy Snacks

Half-day workshop on how to make wholesome, tasty and healthy snacks as an alternative to commercially available snacks ie. crisps, biscults etc. Ideal to be kept in the fridge for nibbles and for packed lunch. All the recipes are VEGAN, FREE from OVER REFINED SUGAR and some will be GLUTEN FREE !

Your tutor is Dave Sowden, qualified Macrobiotics Cook & Health Coach, with over 20 years experience of complementary and natural health care.

Saturday 2 nd  March 2019 – 10am to 12.30pm

Cost :£20

Venue Blue Lotus Therapy Centre, Scorrier TR16 5AU

For further information & booking contact Dave on :

07791 042260

Yin-Yang of Health , Food & Vitality

Saturday 9th February 2019 –  10 am to 4pm  –  Cost £40

Booking required Dave Sowden 07791042260 Ki to Health

1 day workshop exploring health , food & vitality based on Macrobiotics and Oriental philosophy of Yin-Yang, the complementary and opposing forces of the universe. There will be underlining theory, practical exercise and a cooking demo, to help you develop healthy habits and boost vitality.                                                                      Wholesome Macrobiotic vegan lunch is provided.

WORKSHOP: How to Cook with Plant Based Proteins


Half-day workshop on planted-based proteins from a scientific and macrobiotic insight.

Learn about cooking with tofu, tempeh, seitan, beans, quinoa, and other plant-based sources.

Ideal course for vegetarians, vegans, people interested in health living, and catering.

There will also be a cooking demo and tester sessions to try out different plant-based recipes.

The workshop is facilitated by Dave Sowden, Massage Therapist, Macrobiotic Health Coach, Reiki & Qigong Teacher.

Saturday 20 October – 10am to 12.30pm

Cost is £20.

Held at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre,Scorrier Business Park, Redruth, TR16 5AU

For further information & booking contact Dave on:

07791 042260 or


An experiential workshop exploring the five transformational elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal with Qi Gong (Chi Kung) movement, mindfulness, and meditation exercises.

This workshop is facilitated by Dave Sowden, Massage Therapist, Macrobiotic Health Coach, Reiki & Qigong Teacher.

Saturday 6 October – 10.00am to 4.00pm

Cost is £45 and includes a light vegetarian lunch

Held at the: Blue Lotus Therapy Centre,

Scorrier Business Park, Redruth, TR16 5AU

For further information & booking contact Dave on:

07791 042260 or

‘What is Counselling ? Isn’t it just talking ?’ …………..

One question I am asked frequently is ‘What is counselling? Isn’t is JUST talking?’. I always find it a tricky question to answer. I could go into a detailed explanation of what someone like Carl Rogers would say but I wonder how much help that sort of answer offers? Instead I have been pondering on an everyday analogy that may sound a little silly but hopefully will go some way to give a very simplistic idea of the process.

The Laundry Basket

In the hallway of your home is a laundry basket, clothes cascading from it, blocking the entrance to your front door. You can’t let anyone in and it gets in your way constantly. You can’t remember how it got there, what’s in it or how it got so full.  You used to know how to deal with it but now the task seems overwhelming, you feel powerless and deskilled. The thought of it exhausts you and fills you with anxiety and feelings of depression. You feel sure no-one else has a basket like this one. You’ve tried covering the pile with pretty sheets, sticking an air freshener in the hall and buying new clothes. None of this has helped. Today you’ve had enough. Today you’ve made the brave decision to ask for help.

You choose a laundry partner who has been recommended and you know is part of a laundry professional body!  You worry that she will judge you and you are filled with guilt and shame. Instead she greats you with warmth and understanding. She isn’t afraid to look at your laundry with you, listening as you tell her about each item, gently asking questions and challenging you, seeming to really understand how you are feeling, helping you hold things up to the light. Some items are important to you, some you’d forgotten you had and some are things you want to throw out. You decide together what to deal with first, you sort, discuss, create piles. At first the mess seems to get bigger as the basket is unpacked. You feel even more overwhelmed. Was this a good idea?  Will this chaos ever get any better?

Some things are thrown quickly into the washer others need careful handwashing, stain remover. Some items you decide to throw out. Some things never did fit and when you look at them together, she is honest and genuine in a way you haven’t experienced before. You decide to get out a needle and thread to make some changes. You find an item that meant a lot to you but it seems so stained it may never be of use again. Talking it through, you begin to see past the anger and sadness about the damage and instead focus on the experiences you had whilst wearing it. You decide the stain is a part of the pattern of the fabric, you find a sense of peace about what happened. Slowly you start to see the bottom of the basket.

One day you find the entrance to your home is much clearer.  You, your family and friends can come and go more easily. You have remembered how to use the washing machine and together you have learned new programmes. Your laundry partner has been with you every step of the way while you made your discoveries, faced sadness and challenges, stayed with you when you felt it was all too much to deal with, helped you learn new skills, never judging, never questioning your ability to move forward, respecting your knowledge of you and what was in your basket. Today though, you feel strong enough to stand on your own, grateful for the partnership on your laundry journey you turn and say ‘Thank you for your help but I’ve got this now’

Nicola Medlicott is a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

She works at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre, Scorrier.

Information can be found on her website or phone 07470 187976. Evening and weekend appointments are available.


Do you experience Summer FOMO – (fear of missing out)

July 29, 2018   Sally Allardyce

What beautiful weather we are having at the moment – lots of sunshine and long days and nights.

Social media is full of photos and images of happy smiling families and groups of friends enjoying time together been active in the sunshine having good times.

So what is summer FOMO and how does it affect you?

‘the uneasy and sometimes all-consuming feeling that you’re missing out – that others are doing, in the know about, or in possession of more or something better than you – the fear that somehow you are not making the most of the sunshine’’.

Once upon a time we sent “wish you were here” postcards from our holidays, and shared photos that were usually blurred, out of focus and sometimes thank goodness, were limited in number.  With the availability of social media such as Facebook and Instagram more and more people are arranging their holiday time in ways that seems to ensure it will be photogenic, more inviting, more fun than you are having.

When you are affected by Summer FOMO, you have the sneaky suspicion that the entire world is having a better time than you are.

Added to this there is the pressure that you may have been hanging on for the annual two week holiday with your partner or family.  The time when you all reconnect in perfect harmony, because of course you all want to do the same activity at the same time.

What can feel like the perfect respite from all the pressure and busyness of everyday routine, can be the very time that frustrations and dissatisfaction can come to a head with the unfamiliar amount of time spent together.

Time spent on your own can sound and feel very appealing and just what you wanted, Summer FOMO can turn it into something of an ordeal by Facebook/Instagram, magazine articles about “what to wear and where to go”, and spending time fending off endless enquiries from well-meaning folk asking “are you going away this summer”, reinforcing that you are not participating.

It may be though that you are not able to have a holiday, no money or summer for you means working more and longer hours (especially in Cornwall) watching others enjoy time relaxing, again reinforcing Summer FOMO.

So how can we reduce the effect of Summer FOMO –

In the case of holiday photo envy – have a holiday from Facebook or Instagram or reduce the amount of time spent scrolling and definitely do not look at all 50 of the happy holiday photos of someone, lets face it, you may not know very well, or who you met 5 years ago at a social event that you can’t even remember.

With a family or partner holiday, perhaps discussing before the holiday what expectations are and how to ensure that all have an equal time to do the activities they wish.

Time spent alone is time to really embrace what you wish to do, it could be in the garden with a book or watching a box set, whatever you choose is right for you.

And if you are working all summer – possibly grab a few hours to enjoy the sun, or sleep, whichever replenishes you the best.

July 29, 2018   Sally Allardyce

New Therapists and Workshops

We would like to welcome our new therapists now working from the Blue Lotus :

Aromatherapy , Reiki, Reflexology and Crystal Healing – Karen Bullock . Karen has been providing holistic therapies since 2006.

Counselling – Nicola Medlicott. Nicola has a wealth of experience , qualifiying in 2003, and has helped people deal with issues such as stress , depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, sexuality, grief  amongst many others.

Homeopath – Natasha Burns . Natasha offers Homeopathy , Zyto Bio Communication Scanning, Allergy and Environmental Testing. Natasha qualified in 2011 and has a special interest in womens health, working with polycystic ovarian syndrome , pregnancy, PMS, menopause and infertility.

Up and Coming Workshops

15th September  Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

13th October       Stress Awareness and Wellbeing with Kate King

To book on the workshops please contact the centre or providers direct.




I am a Registered Nurse with 17 years experience working as a Staff Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist and also as a Nurse Manager & Department Leader. I am trained to an Advanced level in Aesthetic Injectables and Skin Rejuvenation. I am an active member of the Bristich Association of Cosmetic Nurses. I take pride in the treatments that I offer enabling you to achieve a revitalised appearance with a focus on safety, quality and natural results.

Friday 15th June 2018 6.00pm-8.30pm: Aesthetic Treatment Open Evening
Claire welcomes you to this free event to see and experience the following:

-Drinks and nibbles
-An Introduction to Aesthetic Treatments-facts and myths!
-Skincare, Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice for glowing skin
-Learn about each treatment and what is suitable for you
-Free Skin Consultations
-Free Skincare Advice
-Free Samples
-Treatment Demonstrations
-Free Mini Facials
-10% off Treatments booked on the evening
-10% off Products ordered and purchased on the evening
-An opportunity to meet Claire and ask any questions that you may have

The first 10 people to register receive a free goody bag!

Please RSVP to Claire:

Claire ConnellyAesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Here is a list of the treatments that Claire has on offer.

Facials: Medical, Aesthetic or Vegan certified product facials. Cleanse, exfoliate, massage, mask application, toner, serum, moisturise and time to enjoy the moment!
Prices: From £60

Dermapeel Therapy: Ultrasonic removal of dead skin cells, sebum, dirt and impurities with along with Iontophoresis for improved penetration and absorption of aesthetic products into the skin.
From £60

Skin Peels: A simple treatment to improve fine lines, uneven skin tone, texture, acne, hyperpigmentation and damaged skin. It dissolves dead skin cells to reveal brighter, clearer skin.
Price: From £60.
Course of treatments recommended in certain cases.

Deluxe Anti-Ageing Treatment: Deep cleanse, ultrasonic peeling, oxygenating therapy, peptide mask, iontophoresis to assist with absorption of products into the skin finishing an application of serum producing brighter, softer and glowing skin. Perfect before a special event!
Price: £75.

Mesotherapy: Series of fine, light micro injections following Dermapeel Iontophoresis. This procedure is painfree applying vitamins, minerals, nutrients, hyaluronic acid and nucleic acids to the skin. It provides cellular nutrition, tightens and tones the skin, helping to repair free radical damage
Price: £100.
Course of treatments recommended in certain cases.

Microneedling: (Dermaroller/ Dermafix Pen): Creates fine channels in the skin allowing the serums to penetrate deeper into the skin.The natural healing of this treatment promtes natural collagen induction to reveal renewed, firmer and toned skin. Good for anti ageing, acne scarring, pigmentation and stretch marks.
Prices: Eyes: £75   Face: £150  Body: £175.
Course of treatments recommended in certain caases.

Dermal Fillers: Dermal Filler treatments plump, define and volumise lines and wrinkles on the face providing subtle and instant results to reveal a refreshed and softer appearance.
Prices: From £200 depending on area/s and syringe/s required.

Anti Wrinkle Injections (Botox): Fine and relatively painfree injections to relax the facial muscles and gently smooth lines and wrinkles to deliver younger, fresher, smoother looking skin.
Prices: From £150.