Do you experience Summer FOMO – (fear of missing out)

July 29, 2018   Sally Allardyce

What beautiful weather we are having at the moment – lots of sunshine and long days and nights.

Social media is full of photos and images of happy smiling families and groups of friends enjoying time together been active in the sunshine having good times.

So what is summer FOMO and how does it affect you?

‘the uneasy and sometimes all-consuming feeling that you’re missing out – that others are doing, in the know about, or in possession of more or something better than you – the fear that somehow you are not making the most of the sunshine’’.

Once upon a time we sent “wish you were here” postcards from our holidays, and shared photos that were usually blurred, out of focus and sometimes thank goodness, were limited in number.  With the availability of social media such as Facebook and Instagram more and more people are arranging their holiday time in ways that seems to ensure it will be photogenic, more inviting, more fun than you are having.

When you are affected by Summer FOMO, you have the sneaky suspicion that the entire world is having a better time than you are.

Added to this there is the pressure that you may have been hanging on for the annual two week holiday with your partner or family.  The time when you all reconnect in perfect harmony, because of course you all want to do the same activity at the same time.

What can feel like the perfect respite from all the pressure and busyness of everyday routine, can be the very time that frustrations and dissatisfaction can come to a head with the unfamiliar amount of time spent together.

Time spent on your own can sound and feel very appealing and just what you wanted, Summer FOMO can turn it into something of an ordeal by Facebook/Instagram, magazine articles about “what to wear and where to go”, and spending time fending off endless enquiries from well-meaning folk asking “are you going away this summer”, reinforcing that you are not participating.

It may be though that you are not able to have a holiday, no money or summer for you means working more and longer hours (especially in Cornwall) watching others enjoy time relaxing, again reinforcing Summer FOMO.

So how can we reduce the effect of Summer FOMO –

In the case of holiday photo envy – have a holiday from Facebook or Instagram or reduce the amount of time spent scrolling and definitely do not look at all 50 of the happy holiday photos of someone, lets face it, you may not know very well, or who you met 5 years ago at a social event that you can’t even remember.

With a family or partner holiday, perhaps discussing before the holiday what expectations are and how to ensure that all have an equal time to do the activities they wish.

Time spent alone is time to really embrace what you wish to do, it could be in the garden with a book or watching a box set, whatever you choose is right for you.

And if you are working all summer – possibly grab a few hours to enjoy the sun, or sleep, whichever replenishes you the best.

July 29, 2018   Sally Allardyce