New Therapies on Offer also Amazing opportunities for people with additional needs

We are pleased to announce that Annamarie Roberts has now completed her                             diploma in Sports Nutrition.

We would also like to welcome Luke Collins to the centre who is able to offer :                              Sports Massage Therapy , Kinesio Taping, Exercise prescription

Nicolle Mitchell is facilitating  basic massage workshops with More Choice in Redruth , who support people with additional needs. More Choice also offer many new and exciting classes in Yoga , Mind &  Body Balance, Zumba . Support is available or bring your own P.A For further information please contact More Choice 01209 211967



We would like to take this opportunity to send good wishes to all our clients .

We have had a busy year with new therapists joining us, lots of interesting workshops and additional classes in Yoga , Pilates and Qi Gong .  

       From Janice, our resident Yoga Teacher.

I completed an Air Ambulance Challenge in the Himalayas in October, the aim to reach Annapurna Base Camp which sits at 4,150 m above sea level.
It was very gruelling!….but so thrilled to have done it. Such an amazing place and extreme! The weather was a surprise..28/30 degrees most of the trek/climb so all very sweaty at end of each day until we got closer to Annapurna and there it was below freezing.We arrived there for sunrise. The snowy peaks turned golden as the sun hit them.The top of the World! A very nauseous place to be but totally exhilarating.
We stayed in lovely “Tea Houses” where we were catered for with lovely food, masala tea. Fresh lemon tea is very popular there too
Our Tibetan and Nepalese guides were the nicest and most non-judgemental people…putting up with our moans , carrying over 30 kilos of OUR stuff on their backs with grace and a smile…………most amazing people.
I had no injuries. Lent my knee supports, (all steps climbing up and down…thousands!), to others in the group whose knees were painful, wore the rubbers off my treking poles, (in 11 days!) and am so pleased with my body not giving out!..and that I attribute to my years of Yoga practice…
I huffed and puffed those thousands of steps, walked across recent landslides on roughly made bamboo bridges, precarious! Health and Safety there…you just had to go on, as did the locals, carrying EVERYTHING on their backs, from building materials, food, drink, fridges!! totally in awe of these people. So strong and humble.
I’ve raised over £2,000 for Cornwall Air Ambulance. Thank you for your donations. I’ve left the collection pot if you feel guided to add to it and will take it in next week.

Story Hands Massage with Nicolle Mitchell

This past half term I have been delivering Story Hands Massage to a group of children & nursery staff in my local preschool.

Story Massage brings the power of nurturing touch in a safe way combined with story-telling to calm children, improve learning & build attachment. Children love the “Rainbow of Massage” which allows colour & movement to bring stories to life with your hands.

Children always massage each other fully clothed & they always ask permission beforehand & thank each other after; so it underpins good manners. Children can sit and listen if they do not want to give or receive massage. This is the beauty of its inclusivity. Children can air massage too & this is a wonderful way to illustrate the story with fun through our hands.

Over the weeks more children have grown in confidence and started to feel increasingly comfortable about giving & receiving story massage having fun with nursery rhymes like Hickory Dickory Dock, celebrating Bonfire Night & Halloween with suitably exciting & scary stories and leading up to Christmas the children & staff have presented me with their own story massage songs about Christmas puddings & good old Jingle Bells. They really have become very competent in a life skill to connect positively through touch.

The manager commented one week that the children seemed so calm that afternoon. The children thoroughly look forward to the new stories and we explore kindness, bullying, and other subjects in friendly stories building empathy & reducing “antsy bottoms”. Story Massage is well documented to reduce bullying & aggression among children & young people, boosting their mental, physical, emotional & social health.

We have used the massage moves to energise a session and stretch and move and to send some children into dreamland. It has been quite beautiful.

If you would like me to bring Story Hands Massage to you, please feel free to call me on 07899 944650 … because I believe in happy beginnings!

Warm Tingley Seasonal Wishes to you, Nicolle Mitchell

Massage Practitioner & Story Massage Instructor


Kate King, registered Stress Management and Life skills Consultant,

will be running a range of Stress Relief courses and workshops from February on wards at the                                    Blue lotus therapy centre.

If you are feeling anxious, depressed, or generally worn out and stressed, then this may be the answer you’ve been looking for. 

The safe, supportive, small groups will help you understand the stress in your life, and you will learn a range of practical, emotional, cognitive life skills and relaxation techniques. 

For more details and dates please see uk/stress-relief-courses or contact Kate on 07391 893207 or at holistichealthcornwall@ 


Annamarie Roberts SNHS Dip.

We are delighted to offer our congratulations to Annamarie for her Grade A pass with Distinction in Diploma in Sports Nutrition. 

Annamarie can now offer Sports Nutrition advice along with her Food Intolerance Testing

For further information visit or phone for an appointment.


Brian Tregunna – Life Coaching             A Life Now Worth Living

I’m delighted to confirm that the book I am co-writing with a friend and coaching colleague, Ashley (Ash) Gordon, will be published in February/March 2018.  ‘A Life Now Worth Living’ shares the details of a number of very important life-skills that Ash and others have used to achieve significant improvements in their lives.  It has been written for people who want to read an interesting true story whilst also learning about several essential ‘tools to improve your life’ in an easy-to-read book.

Ash provides an open, thought-provoking and sometimes emotional insight into his experiences as a teenage soldier who completed two tours of Iraq before returning home with undiagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that led him to ‘breaking point’.  His transformation to become a highly successful ‘master’ coach helping other people to improve their lives is truly inspirational.

For those who are faced with difficult challenges, dealing with negative emotions or struggling to achieve their goals, ‘A Life Now Worth Living’ explains how to let go, take action and move on with your life.  If you would like some practical tried and tested advice, tools and techniques which could help you to overcome your problems and achieve your goals then ‘A Life Now Worth Living’ is for you.

To pre-order a copy of ‘A Life Now Worth Living’ for £9.99                                                                                                  email Brian Tregunna at or phone 07856571163.  


Live a life you love. Start here, start today – if not now, when?
Group workshops  One – to – one Skype or phone.
Magic Carpet Ride Workshops at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre Scorrier  “Stepping into Your Power ” programme
Join us For one, some , or all of these dates : each is self – contained as well as part of a whole .
20 January Peace – Grounding
17 March Purpose – Reaching
19 May Passion – Expanding
7 July Power – Stepping Up
15 September Progress – Moving On
17 November Full cycle – Being You
Saturdays 10 am – 1 pm  Price : £ 45 or £30 each event for block booking in advance (instalments possible)
Visit for more information & to book Contact Mary Lunnen to book a complimentary
20 minute Skype or phone consultation to find out more: 07778 771021





We would like to welcome Abby Wade to the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre.

Abby offers specialist physiotherapy within the field of women’s health, treating disorders effecting the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles.

Conditions treated include; pregnancy related musculoskeletal conditions, incontinence and vaginal prolapses.

Treatments include; pelvic floor muscle strengthening, postural correction, manual therapy, acupuncture, Pilates, soft tissue release and a new mummy M.O.T.

Yoga Summer dates

Yoga at Blue Lotus

Just a reminder that the last Yoga Class will be on Tuesday 8th August , restarting classes on

Tuesday 5th September 6pm to 7.30 pm , 7.30 pm to 9pm.

To book for the new term please ring the centre on 01209 822400.

Have a wonderful summer . 🙂

Your History is not your Destiny

Life Talks’


“Your History is not your Destiny”

with award winning Life Coach Brian Tregunna

A personal insight into how people can use a range of important coaching and life-skill principles to improve their lives , including a number of inspirational real life examples.

Inspirational – Emotional – Thought Provoking

Thursday 24 th August 2017 , 6.45 pm

Beefeater Carnon Inn, Carnon downs TR3 6JT

To book phone Brian on 07856571163 or

Eventbrite : destiny

How to Massage People who have Dementia

Award winning, Profound and Fun.

“This course was delivered with humour and skill” Janette Hall, Massage Therapists and Nurse, London

“Accessible , Fresh, Engaging ….A really enjoyable and inspiring day” Clare, Massage Therapist , Brighton

One day Course with Nicolle Mitchell, Friday 30th June 2017 at The Blue Lotus Therapy Centre.

For therapists, carers and professionals who wish to connect and improve lives through positive touch.

Cost £150. For details and bookings , please contact Nicolle on : 07899 944650 E mail



New Therapist here at the Blue Lotus

We would like to welcome award winning Life Coach Brian Tregunna to our team.  Brian has recently moved back to Cornwall having previously worked in Swindon, Wiltshire, Dorset and Somerset.

For more information, check out his website