Romina Scaramagli

About Me – I am an accredited psychotherapist in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) and an EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner with The EMDR Association. I have over 20 years experience working in mental health in the NHS, first as a mental health nurse, then a psychotherapist.

Therapies I Offer

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT is a well researched, evidence based, talking therapy.

In CBT we are particularly interested in thoughts (cognitions), feelings and behaviours and believe the way we are thinking impacts on how we are feeling and behaving. We can get trapped in vicious cycles of unhelpful thoughts and behaviours which then impact how we are feeling.

CBT helps you identify these cycles, evaluate them and explore if there are alternative more helpful perspectives and behaviours. It is a myth that CBT is just about positive thinking. One of the aims of CBT is to help people become their own therapist. CBT is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) for numerous mental health difficulties.

For more information on CBT please have a look at the BABCP website –

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy – EMDR is also a well researched, evidence based and recommended treatment by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Although it is most well known for treating PTSD, EMDR can also help with a range of mental health difficulties including traumas, OCD, anxiety, phobias and depression, that have been triggered by witnessing or experiencing a traumatic or distressing event.

When we experience a traumatic event, our brain can struggle to process the experience in the same way that we process everyday memories. As a result the memory can feel stuck, causing flashbacks and re-experiencing images, sounds, feelings and sensations from the event. All of this can cause a person to feel extremely distressed, anxious and depressed.

EMDR uses eye movements to help stimulate the left and right sides of the brain. This helps to process the traumatic memory so it no longer feels current or recent and fades into the background which can then allow a person to move on with their lives. For more information on EMDR please have a look at the EMDR Association website –

Compassion Focused Therapy – CFT was developed to help with mental health difficulties that are particularly affected and maintained by self criticism, self blame and feelings of shame and guilt. CFT incorporates aspects of CBT and mindfulness as well as evolutionary, developmental and social psychology.

For more information on CFT please have a look at the Compassionate Mind Foundation website –

My Approach

Given the right set of circumstances any of us could experience mental health difficulties. Life can be joyful, but at times can be incredibly stressful. We can experience traumas and adverse life events which can significantly impact our mental health and lives. There are so many factors that can influence how we are thinking, feeling and behaving, causing us to feel unwell and overwhelmed & in need of help and support.

At these times, having a safe therapeutic space in which to start to understand how we are thinking, feeling and behaving can help us to start to make changes and move forward. In therapy you can learn new skills and ways of understanding yourself that can help you to feel more stable and in control of your mental health and life.

Difficulties I Can Help With


Agoraphobia (fear of going out)

Panic Attacks

Health Anxiety

Social Anxiety

Generalised Anxiety (excessive worry)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD

Impact of trauma or adverse life events


Low mood

Low self-esteem

Difficulty coping with and managing emotions


Problems with assertiveness

Lack of confidence

Work related stress

Impact of bullying

Eating Disorders

For more information please have a look at my website and contact me to arrange a free phone call to have a chat to see if we both think I might be an appropriate therapist to offer you an assessment and answer any questions.

Contact Details

Romina Scaramagli

Atlantic CBT & EMDR


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Pippa King

Intuitive Therapy & Energy Healing

22 years experience helping you come back into balance. Reiki, ThetaHealing, EFT, Access Bars, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Rahanni, Inner Child Work, Golden Soul Codes & Crystal Healing.

A Holistic Approach to Well-Being

1:1 Sessions | Certified Healing Courses | Workshops

Are you trying to break free of blocks, limiting life patterns, beliefs, fears and traumas that have been holding your back from living your fullest life?

Would you like to move forward feeling calmer, confident and more free?

Feeling at peace with yourself and being the fullest expression of you?

Then an intuitive therapy and/or energy healing could help you to overcome these challenges in a safe, calm and relaxed way to create powerful and lasting change. I can help you find freedom and relief from what’s been in the way of your happiness so that you can move forward with new found calm, confidence and improved sense of well-being.

Because I understand that every client and life challenge is unique, I bring a powerful mix of practical skills, combined with my intuitive gifts and over 22 years’ energy healing experience to tailor my sessions to your specific needs. This creates great results!

I work with the whole person, your body’s wisdom, subconscious mind’s creativity and soul’s guidance for you to access your own inner wisdom and healing. The body / energy processes that I work with bypass the logical mind and work at a deep level to bring about fast, profound and often instant change. Shifting patterns that have felt stuck or blocked, often bringing freedom and relief when other approaches have failed.

This is NOT conventional talk therapy, by working directly with the subconscious and body’s energy system, there is less verbalisation and re-traumatisation, you feel the changes and relief in your mind and body instantly. I also give your tools to move forward and take your life in your stride with a new bounce in your step. I believe that you are your own best healer and you already have the answers within, I just assist you to access your own ability to rebalance so you can enjoy being you.

I specialise in recovery from trauma, freedom from old patterns and finding calm/balance within. Whether these have begun in childhood, further back in past lives or have been handed down genetically I can help you find relief, peace, freedom and wholeness again.

Move from

Anxiety to peace

Fear to ease

Stress to calm

Burdened to free

Stuck to flow

Sadness to happy

Anger to calm

Blocked to free

Muddle to clarity

“I have been seeing Pippa periodically over the past 5 years, initially suffering from a debilitating sleeping problem. Having spent months taking sleeping tablets and doing everything that the doctors suggested I do to alleviate this problem; I was no further forth and had reached breaking point. My initial meeting with Pippa was reassuring, supportive and above all gave me tremendous hope for eliminating my current issues. Needless to say, I after a few sessions, I now manage my sleep very well. I am now a regular visitor to Pippa, amongst other things she has the greatest ability to calm my nerves, help me to stay focused and positive on whatever emotional and physical issues that are thrown my way. My most recent appointments have been around fertility issues which she has helped me over come and given me the strength, encouragement and belief that I could get pregnant…..I am currently expecting! I cannot speak or recommend more highly Pippa King she has been so influential in my life, giving me the tools that allow me to resolve and conquer my emotional and physical problems.”
Fluer, Cornwall

Contact Pippa


(Please note that my mobile is constantly on silent & due to the nature of my work, is the most difficult form of contact for me to respond to. Please text, WhatsApp or email for quickest response! Thank you:)

Sally Allardyce

Couples & Individual Counselling

I am an experienced counsellor working with individual and couples. I use warmth, compassion, honesty, and empathy within our counselling relationship, and I will support you to explore the potential for changes in your life.

I have lots of experience of working with adults seeking help and support with a range of issues including anxiety, abuse, trauma, self-esteem, depression and relationship difficulties.

Issues that indicate that you will benefit from seeing a couples counsellor are:

* Difficulties communicating what you need

* Trust has been broken

* Arguments are becoming more frequent

* Emotional intimacy is gone or reduced

* Physical intimacy is difficult

* Walking on eggshells, afraid to speak

I offer space for you and your partner to explore any issues within your relationship. We will work together to increase the communication and connection between you.

Couples counselling helps you to recognise and resolve potential conflict and improve your relationship.

Outside of work, I have a dog (Lilly the beagle, now 12 years old) that needs lots of walks to work off her energy. I enjoy baking, I always make too much, so others do benefit. I find being outside is the best therapy for me, listening, smelling, simply being still, and we live in the best county for this.

Any questions please contact me

Margarithe Mayes BA (Hons) H.Dip.Ed (PG) ILM L7

Margarithe is an experienced Coach and Trainer who works with people from all walks of life who want to make changes and realise their full potential.

Margarithe knows first-hand that change can be daunting and has overcome many challenges which has resulted in her passion and wish to help others; hence her motto Advance, Innovate and Create.

Margarithe’s work empowers people and boosts their confidence to walk a new path. She uses a range of coaching and mentoring techniques to ensure that new life or business skills are gained from each session.

Margarithe’s clients are more confident, resilient, stress-free and happier after working with her. Margarithe will guide you to make challenging decisions that will help you build in the identified areas addressed in sessions.
Margarithe offers a free no-obligation introductory chat for clients to start their new journey to Advance, Innovate and Create.

As a member of the European Mentoring and Couching Council, Margarithe adheres to their Code of Ethics and Principles to ensure safe practice.

June Toy

I am an experienced counsellor/Psychological Therapist have in worked in primary care for the past twenty-four years and latterly as an E.A.P. provider for N.H.S. I am passionate about my work and describe myself as a people’s person who feels that we all share a common goal of humanity, having a sense of purpose, living life, not just surviving. Learning how to accept the unfairness of being a human in an uncertain world. Understanding that there no guarantees, or rules in life that state, ‘it must always be fair’.

I use several psychological therapies and work holistically offering the client a safe, non-judgmental space to explore their issues. The importance of building a relationship of trust helping to facilitate the clients process by encouraging open honest dialogue with empathy and unconditional positive regard. I believe we are ‘the sum of many parts’ each of us are unique and I help validate the uniqueness, differences that clients bring to counselling.

I incorporate strategies for emotional regulation, self-care, Mindfulness, Anxiety Management and C.B.T.

Special Interests: Grief loss, Coping with life changes, Stress, Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Depression, Self Esteem, Communication skills, Trauma.

I am a BACP Accredited Registered Counsellor/Psychotherapist and UKRCP registered. And EMDR Trauma therapist. RSA counselling cert. Advanced Cert Counselling Studies. Advanced Dip Counselling. CBT Cert. Mindfulness Cert ACT cert. and numerous other CPD certificates accrued over 24 years whilst working in Primary Care. EMDR trauma therapist.

Jude Grice BSc(Hons) PGCE. RN

I am a Registered Nurse, having spent just under 40 years specialising in Intensive/ Critical Care Units in London, Devon and Cornwall.


I am ARCH and CNHC registered.


Colon hydrotherapy can provide relief from the symptoms of a wide range of digestive disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, bloating and wind.


Many clients find that colon hydrotherapy offers help where modern medicine has been unsuccessful.


Colon hydrotherapy is not just for digestive problems, and many clients find that it also works to keep their bowels healthy and for general health and wellbeing.


Jude’s clinic is available at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre on Tuesdays all day , last appointment time 6pm, Wednesday mornings and some Saturday mornings.

50% deposit is required on booking


She is also a Hatha vinyasa yoga instructor and an acupuncture therapist.




What should you not do before colon hydrotherapy?

There are no specific guidelines to follow prior to colon hydrotherapy. However, to make the treatment more comfortable it is advisable to avoid eating a large meal immediately beforehand. Try to avoid eating red meat, sugar, processed/ fried food and wheat products and drinking coffee and alcohol, due to the inflammatory and toxifying effect they have on the body.


How will I feel after the treatment?

Following the treatment, some people feel a burst of energy and others feel extremely tired. Both of these extremes are completely normal, and can often be indicative of your general toxic load and the current state of your health. Some people may feel ‘crampy’ abdominal sensations – again, this is dependant on your nutrition, metabolism and current state of health. An aftercare sheet with what to expect following the treatment and some suggestions will be given on the first appointment.

It is possible to go to work following the treatment, but best practice is to have a restful remainder of the day.

Is the procedure painful?

It is not painful. Some patients can feel discomfort or unfamiliar feelings when the muscles of the colon contract – this just feels like cramping or gas with pressure in the rectum, and is completely normal. These feelings usually precede a big release of accumulated waste and patients feel better once the waste is eliminated  Most of the time people experience a light and empty feeling afterwards.

Is it safe to have colon hydrotherapy during menstruation?

Yes. In fact, colon hydrotherapy can be very good during this time as it will help decrease the cramps and bloating often associated with menstruation.


How many treatments will I need?

This will depend on your own personal health needs. You know your body better than anyone. You will know when/ if you will need another treatment.


Does colon hydrotherapy wipe away all the gut microbiome?

If your bowel is toxic (through poor diet, antibiotic use and other lifestyle factors) you will have little or no good intestinal flora to begin with. Unlike your blood, which needs to be slightly alkaline, your digestive system actually needs stomach acids to function optimaly (a pH of 5.5-7.0 for the large intestine). The helpful bacteria can only lie in an acidic environment whereas the harmful ones thrive in an alkaline environment. Years of poor nutrition, lack of exercise and poor elimination contributes to an alkaline colon A series of colon hydrotherapy treatments can help change the gut environment from alkaline to acid.


Does colon hydrotherapy help you lose weight?

Colon hydrotherapy is not part of a weight loss regime. Some patients lose weight and some can gain. It is all about fluid balance and will reset in a couple of days. However, many people use the treatment as a ‘reset’ as the cleansing of the large intestine allows them to start fresh and eat healthier food.

Vanessa Phillips

Counsellor for Children, Young People and Adults.

Are you feeling the need for support for yourself, your child or young person?

Fully inclusive, accessible counselling is available with me for children over 8 years, young people and adults alike.

I am qualified to offer talking therapy or bring in creativity if that suits yourself or your child/young person.

If symptoms of anxiety and low mood are causing daily life to become difficult, I offer a safe, private space to look into the cause and find a way forward. I am willing to explore the effects of traumatic events from both the past and the present with no judgement. If there has been a bereavement I can give support, enabling the grief to feel a little more comfortable. If relationships are strained and creating friction and confusion, we can come together to try to work things out.

Parents of children and young people will be required to be present for an initial assessment appointment and either wait in the reception area or in the carpark area for the ongoing process of therapy.

I am a mum of two adolescents; one is neurodivergent. As well as my private practice, I volunteer for Penhaligon’s Friends charity for bereaved children.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my work.

Please call me on 07471 657774 or email for further details.

Isi Murray DipCBH, CHFP

Isi Murray is focused on your solution.

She helps her clients to live their best life, realising their potential, reaching their goals and being the person they wish to be, even when, at first, they are not sure what that best ‘them’ may look like.

As a registered, professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, Isi works with you as a team to bring about the
changes you want or need and gets your mind working for you instead of against you. Your
mind is your most powerful tool but even the best made tools in the world need care and
maintenance to get the best out of them and keep them in good condition. The wear and
tear of life, our surroundings and those in it, can take their toll on the natural harmony
between mind and body and result in, amongst other things, chronic pain, anxiety, stress,
depression, trauma, irrational fears or a loss of confidence and self-worth.

When working towards your future, you will be met with a non-judgmental, honest and warm approach.
Isi combines a broad base of therapeutic and hypnosis styles tailored to your specific needs,
putting you front and centre of your own journey.

If you are looking to start a family, struggling with fertility issues, sexual issues, wanting to
remain in control and calm during birth or not settling easily into parenthood, then Isi can
support you throughout and help you build the right mindset to be in the best possible state
to enjoy this experience in your life. If, on the other hand, your world has taken a turn
towards illness, she will be there on that journey with you, alongside your medical team,
working with your pain and coping strategies, freeing your mind to focus on what’s

Isi offers a free initial consultation to discover whether hypnotherapy can benefit you.

Please visit her website –

Helen Baker

Introducing TMJ Massage Therapies….

TMJ Massage Therapies®️ offers a non-invasive, whole body approach to treating TMJ Dysfunction and associated symptoms including jaw pain, headaches, migraines, sinusitis, tinnitus, and neck pain.


Helen Baker is a highly sought after specialist in treating clients with TMJ Dysfunction and associated symptoms using the TMJ Massage Therapies® treatment protocol.  Helen’s approach is very gentle, nurturing, and holistic working 100% together with the client to achieve great results.


Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Dentists, GP’s and Hearing Specialists continue to refer clients to Helen at TMJ Massage Therapies®; a non invasive, relaxing and long lasting pain relief for TMJ sufferers.

Ruth Bennett

Ruth is a Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in Musculoskeletal conditions and Women’s Health.

She is highly trained to treat and prevent a wide range of painful musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Treatment sessions include the application of evidence-based manual techniques that improve and correct the body’s natural healing mechanisms. These techniques include mobilisation, manipulation, massage and acupuncture.
Alongside manual therapy a specific personalised exercise programme is prescribed to improve and maintain the body’s function and performance.

As a specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist Ruth is able to assess and treat a range of Women’s Health conditions including pelvic floor issues, incontinence, prolapse and pre & post-natal conditions. Ruth is a certified Mummy MOT® Practitioner – whether you have recently given birth or you had your child a long time ago the Mummy MOT® is a comprehensive post-natal check to assess how your posture, pelvic floor muscles and tummy muscles are recovering after childbirth.

Ruth is a Pilates Instructor (APPI method) and also teaches Pregnancy Yoga and Parent & Baby Yoga.

Ruth is available at The Blue Lotus Therapy Centre on Mondays and Thursday mornings.