Spring Newsletter 2022

Spring is upon us , lighter evenings , warmer winds and soon sunshine on our faces.
Here at the centre we have now opened our reception area if you wish to wait inside , although we are still asking you to wear a face covering in the communal areas.

We are excited to let you all know we now have a
Colon Hydrotherapist working from the Blue Lotus and wish Jude every success.

The Spell of Time Thieves …

…. things we can do to
reclaim our time & stress less

Recently, I’ve been thinking more about time and the pressure we are under to fit everything in, particularly now the “business as usual” incantation seems to be bewitching us and the strain starts to take its toll again.
I’ve been having conversations with people, some of whom have slipped back all too easily into all the commitments which were stressing them out or making them ill prior to the pandemic. Others have made radical changes to their lives, changing jobs or working fewer hours.

We can’t get time back, but we can counter that which steals our time and energy.
Reduce consumption

Up until the end of the 3rd lockdown, many people kept their costs down as they realise that consumption was really a short-lived antidote to feeling overworked or stressed. Often, we justify shopping with reasons such as “I’m going shopping to cheer myself up”, “because I deserve it”, “it was in the sale”, or “it fits so well” so we buy it because it looks great even though we don’t need more than the 20 jackets crammed into our wardrobe. The glamour never lasts.
Personally, I’ve been re-evaluating what I spend “life tokens” (a me-ism for money) on. I have reduced my freelance work hours and do more of the things which nurture me, like reading, gardening and spending time in nature. I find I don’t need to buy that coffee and cake so much if I am contentedly taking a walk or pottering up our land with a cup of meadowcine watching nature sneak back in. Which leads me onto the next point …..

Cast out TV & hug a tree

I am guilty of watching TV as much as the next person. It’s so easy to flump down on the sofa and be entranced by a film or performance. However, sometimes I opt for something different where the magic is more tangible.
To break the spell simply stop, then breathe. Now do this outside. Go to the park, the woods, the forest. Spending time in the company of trees which release phytoncides is even better for us. Phytoncides are chemicals which are found in the essential oils within trees and improve our wellbeing. Essential oils are the parts of a plant which help retain its health, fighting disease and parasites. As the volatile phytoncides are released into the air we inhale them, boost our immunity, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and our pulse rate. A growing body of research (1) (2) is showing that tree huggers were right all along.

Accept you can’t do it all & negotiate!

Some of my NHS colleagues are really feeling the pressure of time at the moment as we struggle to get round to seeing patients and reduce waiting lists. I noticed that some of my team who were making positive changes to enhance wellbeing, like taking breaks and leaving on time, have started slipping back towards old culturally toxic habits. Hell, hands up, so have I!
As the waiting lists never disappear (and let’s face we’d be out of a job if they did), this approach is unsustainable. It also disguises the fact that many departments are understaffed. By working extra hours for free, true staffing needs are unable to be measured, nothing changes and the pressure remains. I have started saying “no”. I accept that waiting lists are in the main, indicative of staff shortages and not my personal burden to carry.
If someone asks something of you and it is adding to an already hefty workload, explain you would love to help, but something has to give. Show them your options and agree what needs your focus and what needs to give. This is a great skill to use in your personal life too.

Invest time in yourself

I recently recalled a social movement that was promoted 2 or 3 years ago within our local NHS trust called “15 seconds, 30 minutes”. Its aim was to “encourage staff to identify small tasks they can do now, which will save someone else 30 minutes to reduce frustration and increase joy in work”. Well, at least reduce the curses anyway.
It made me think how we could apply this to our health; invest a little time now on ourselves to save time in the longer run. If we break from our work, our stressors, our screens for just a few minutes it can save us getting stressed, then ill & therefore taking more time off sick in the longer term. Economically it saves money too. A healthy workforce is happier more efficient workforce that is less likely to burn out. It is a great way to model healthy boundaries to colleagues and our children – after all we really don’t want to raise a generation of blighted by the scourge of “burn-out”.

Limit Social Media – the biggest time thief of them all!

I have been thinking about coming off facebook for years. I reinforced the enchantment by saying I needed it for work. However, I took time to look beyond the mirror, on whether I needed social media to sustain my work. At present, I am as busy as I want to be and felt that Facebook was a sinkhole for my energy, time, health and me-ness.
I felt connections were only comment deep. My identity is not a fixed avatar. I am so much more than my posts. Alice would understand.

Breaking away from the looking glass that is my screen was hard at first. I had to adjust to not thinking in terms of “what to post on facebook” next, and weaning myself off the dopamine charm of validation. It only took a few days though.
Free of the sorcery of facebook (which is only there to harvest your info, make you feel inferior, and so sell you more crap you don’t need. – see Point 1.), my mornings, are more relaxed and I am less distracted by all the “stuff”, adverts and information that social media bombards us with constantly. Billy Bragg’s recent song, “Ten Mysterious Photos that can’t be Explained” wisely cites, “you know that you can overdose on information.” It’s true. My mind feels less cluttered, I have more space to think and am enjoying reading books more.

I still Twit & Instagram a bit, taking regular breaks from all tech, but feel that I may well come off those too in future as I indulge more time with myself, family, newts, lizards, finches and the wonder of watching nature and biodiversity sneak back into our field. By the way, I found out that the collective noun for finches is a “charm” of finches. I’ve been watching them weave around the trees we have been planting over the past 5 years and it’s better than anything I may have missed on social media or the tellybox.

So let’s do it! Let’s break the spells of the time thieves and spend our time and energy wanting less and appreciating more of the vital magic in our lives.

Li Q, Kobayashi M, Wakayama Y, Inagaki H, Katsumata M, Hirata Y, Hirata K, Shimizu T, Kawada T, Park BJ, Ohira T, Kagawa T, Miyazaki Y. Effect of phytoncide from trees on human natural killer cell function. Int J Immunopathol Pharmacol. 2009 Oct-Dec;22(4):951-9. doi: 10.1177/039463200902200410. PMID: 20074458.
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Nicolle Mitchell, Holistic Massage Practitioner and Trainer
Blue Lotus Therapy Centre
Email: massage4dementia@gmail.com
Mob: 07899 944650
Image by Luci Downes

Listen – Learn – Talk
Life Coach Brian Tregunna outlines how to develop one of the most important life-skills that helps to create strong personal relationships – Empathic Listening

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand.
They listen with the intent to reply. Empathic Listening enables us to step into someone else’s world and gain a true understanding of how they feel.

Here’s a brief overview of how to do it.

Create the Right Environment: for a private, safe, comfortable and confidential conversation.

Calm your Mind: to listen, learn and gain an understanding of someone else’s experiences, views and feelings; though not necessarily agreeing with them.

Ask Open Questions: questions that begin with What, How, Where, When. What is happening? What is causing you problems? How do you feel?

Avoid closed questions that can be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. eg Are you okay? Avoid asking ‘Why?’ as that can sometimes seem aggressive, causing people to become defensive in order to justify their views or actions.

Be non-judgemental: Even when the other person says things that you don’t agree with or accept. You are seeking to understand, not necessarily agree.

Use positive body language: maintain eye contact, open arms and hands, positive words and gestures.
Listen with your Ears (to hear words), Eyes (to read body language) and Heart (to understand feelings and emotions).

Keep encouraging the other person to talk: They may try to pass the question back to you, for example, saying ‘I don’t know’ or ‘what do you suggest?’, but this conversation is about them, not you. So, pass the question back in a polite and supportive way, eg ‘What if you did know?’

Use silence: It’s ok to be quiet sometimes. Wait for the other person to think before they talk.
Keep asking open questions until the other person has nothing else to say. Ask ‘What else?’ until they say there is absolutely nothing else.

When you have finished asking questions, reflect back your understanding of the other person’s views and feelings using your own words. For example, ‘Let me check that I understand what has happened and how you feel about the situation …’

Thank the other person for their time, openness and honesty.

Agree a way forward: things you will change or further conversations you will have. Seek win-win outcomes that will benefit you both.

Mentally step back: into your own mind. Take a break to clear your head, re-set and carry on with a positive mindset.

Brian Tregunna is a highly-acclaimed Life Coach, therapist, trainer, mentor and facilitator.
He works with individuals, groups and organisations to help people achieve their full potential.
He regularly helps people to address a wide range of challenges, including mental wellbeing, motivation, managing anxiety, personal relationships, time management and much more.

For more help or information check-out Brian’s website: www.tregunnalifecoaching.com or contact him via 07856571163 or tregunnalifecoaching@gmail.com

It is my absolute pleasure to share the good news in being awarded Sports Injury Clinic 2021/22 by the South West England Prestige Awards who stated that “the judges were impressed with your personal touch and passion for what you do.” in relation to injury rehabilitation and recovery, and also in regard to my approach to weight management, which is through a sympathetic range of lifestyle changes, wholefood diet, exercise, and stress reduction. Fitness is a lifetime journey and my emphasis is on the importance of enjoying the process, and by focusing on the good, every gain made, and simply loving what you do.

Anyone who wishes to increase their strength and fitness, improve their physique or dietary habits, then happy to discuss individual plans for short and long term goals.

Ula Batt-Rawden
Sports Rehabilitation

What can therapy do for you?

A large majority of the people I see in the therapy room are couples, and a frequent
comment I hear from couples is that they feel they can no longer communicate with
each other.
Common phrases I hear from couples are:
“I didn’t want to upset them, so I didn’t say anything”
“I didn’t want to start an argument, so I didn’t say anything”
“They never listen, so I didn’t say anything”
“They never hear what I need, so I have given up and didn’t say anything”
Not feeling able to ask for what you need can lead to increased tension and
disconnection from each other within your relationship.
Within couples therapy we work together to rebuild and increase the connection and
communication in your relationship.
Access to a neutral space, where there are no distractions, old patterns of behaviour
and communication can be explored, therapy can really improve your connection
with each other within your relationship.
Through couples therapy you will make joint decisions about rebuilding and
strengthening your relationship.
I offer couples and individual therapy (over 18s) at Blue Lotus Therapy Centre – I
work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and offer daytime and evening
Sally Allardyce, Counsellor, Compass Counselling Cornwall.
e: compasscounsellingcornwall@gmail.com
m: 07999598045
w: http://compasscounsellingcornwall.com
f: Compass Counselling Cornwall

Introducing the Perfect Gift for any jaw pain and headache sufferer.
The Jaw Massage Ball is a small (50mm) cork fascia ball designed to massage individual trigger points and tension in the jaw and head. Targeted movements with the Jaw Massage Ball help to loosen tense jaw muscles, increase blood flow in the fascia and loosen hardened connective tissue significantly reducing jaw clenching and tension.⁣⁣
The results are pretty instant….
“After treatment with Helen, I purchased one of her cork massage balls and it has been an absolute game changer!!! I frequently clench my jaw in my sleep, which leads to headaches and earache. Massaging my jaw & the temple with this cork jaw massage ball softens everything and cures the pain without needing to take any painkillers. It’s never far from reach now!”⁣⁣
Buy your Jaw Massage Ball for £7.75 direct from Helen @ Blue Lotus Therapy Centre or online at
www.tmjmassagetherapies.com/shop/jawmassageball ⁣⁣


Many of us are feeling run down, having constant stressors, general aches and pains, and bombarded with constant and seemingly contradictory messages about health and lifestyle. Sometimes we need professional guidance to reach our potential. One such guidance is Macrobiotics, a system of natural healing and personal development pioneered by George Ohsawa and Micho Kushi during the 20th century, which has similar methodology to Naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Macrobiotics consists of dietary changes, lifestyle and exercise advice, bodywork and healing based on a comprehensive consultation and Oriental diagnosis methods such as face and tongue reading, palpitation of the abdomen and meridian energy lines of the body. This allows for a deeper investigation into the cause of dis-ease rather than dealing with the effects. It is truly holistic approach to enhancing health and vitality.

Dave Sowden provides Macrobiotic health consultations at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre. Dave has been practising at the centre since it opened in 2006 and for many years has provided Massage, Remedial & Healing Therapies. As a recent graduate of the 3½ year professional programme of the International Macrobiotic School (based near Totnes, Devon) Dave is doing an introductory offer of £20 discount on the initial consultation, which is 1.5 hours long and normally £70 reduced to £50. There is also £10 discount off follow up sessions, normally £40 reduced to £30.

This offer is available to 30th June 2022 and subject to availability.

For more information and booking, contact Dave Sowden on 07791 042260, email reikidave@yahoo.co.uk or via his website www.kitohealth.co.uk

Elena West

Thai Yoga Massage

A comfortable massage performed on the floor with the client fully clothed. Gentle pressure and stretching eases stiffness and tightness whether from inactivity or exercise over exertion. This treatment is also good for a general feel-good body tone.

Suitable for targeting any part of the body that is giving problems or for an all over balancing, stimulating and relaxing enjoyable experience.

Head and Face Massage

Ideal for stress relief, head and face massage is an extremely enjoyable experience. Combined with Cranio-Sacral therapy, this can also be a powerful energy rebalancing therapy suitable for various conditions.

Soft Tissue Massage

This traditional style of massage using oils can vary from light relaxing “Spa” massage to sports therapy massage. It is good for a general relax and also to target specific areas of pain. Combined with aromatherapy oils this type of massage is a very pleasant experience.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnant women suffer specific aches and pains as the baby grows. Massage will be chosen to target the individual needs of the mother, relieving the aches of carrying, and helping relaxation and stress relief in preparation for the birth.

Foot Massage

Foot massage is extremely relaxing, and for people who spend most of their working day standing it can relieve tensions that work their way up the legs and into the body. Rebalancing the body’s energy and releasing stress through manipulation of the feet is a wonderful way to prepare for another busy day.

Breathing Therapies

All of these massages can be combined with a variety of breathing techniques and therapies that you can do every day to enhance the beneficial effects of the massage and prolong its benefits. Breathing therapies are also therapies in their own right and can help people with Asthma, Sleep Apnoea and various other conditions.

Session prices are £45 for 1 hour,
£65 for 90 minutes.
Elena West 07711020535 elena.west@icloud.com