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When words escape us, touch says it all
We all forget our words sometimes.
We all get stressed sometimes.
We all feel disconnected sometimes.
We all have the wobbles sometimes.

When we live with dementia though, whether we have the disease ourselves or know
someone who does, we can feel all this and more, but often. Life can become tricky to

This is when we need extra tools and strategies.

I have been teaching how to communicate with compassion, and speak without words for
over a decade, using focused touch, dementia-informed approaches and calming techniques
to help make the road a little smoother.

My one-day accredited course “Massaging Persons Living with Dementia” gives carers and
professionals skills to improve connection and meet the needs more effectively for a person
living with dementia

I am running a course at The Blue Lotus Therapy Centre on Friday 11 th November.
If that date doesn’t suit you, feel free to get in touch to discuss 1 to 1 training or
consultations within your own home to suit you.

Feel free to get in touch for more info or to make a booking:
Nicolle Mitchell, Holistic Massage Practitioner & Trainer
Tel: 07899 944650


Your Best Friend or your Worst Enemy
Life Coach Brian Tregunna explains about the importance of using your imagination to help rather than hinder

Imagination is one of the most powerful and important attributes that we all have.
Nothing is ever created without imagination, nothing exists without it.
Be that a stirring piece of music, home improvements or a newly designed dress.
As the renowned life-coach, Stephen Covey, explained,
‘Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then physically.’

Our thoughts lead to our actions. Our actions form our behaviour.
Our behaviour creates habits and those influence our personality, which then directs our lives.

Therefore, many aspects of our lives can be traced back to our own thoughts.
If we start with negative thoughts, we tend to have negative lives. But, if we make our imagination our
best friend and think positively then we enjoy mainly positive outcomes, as shown below
with the model explaining the ‘Thought Pathway’.

“What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create.” (Buddha)

What we imagine has such a significant mental and physical effect on our bodies. There is clearly a very strong link between the mind and body. At times we can separate the two but,on the whole, we work better when the mind and body are well-connected.

We can imagine anything. It’s unlimited, restricted only by ourselves and our limited thinking. Although it may not always feel like it, we can control our imagination. We can train ourselves to imagine positive outcomes, which then lifts our emotions. Then lo and behold, what happens? More often than not, we get positive outcomes; it’s the law of attraction, the power of positive thinking.

The best way to train our imagination is to give it clear instructions. If we want to be happy, we should tell ourselves to ‘BE HAPPY!’ Say it out loud and keep repeating it (at appropriate times of course!). I know that sounds a little daft but, believe me, it works! When you talk to yourself, you’re the one who is listening.

It’s certainly a lot better than saying, ‘I don’t want to be unhappy.’ The double negative just confuses our brain and people who say that tend to become unhappy anyway, as our unconscious mind just hears the words – ‘want to be unhappy’.

I’m not saying it’s easy or that people can instantly become happy but, if you apply your imagination positively within your own life, there’s a strong probability that whatever you imagine will actually happen in time. There is also the possibility that some good things that you haven’t even thought of yet will come out of your positive thinking.

Just like any muscle, the more you work and exercise the brain, the stronger and fitter it will become. It might be tough at first, just like it is with physical exercise, but keep repeating and practising, then you will be training your own mind and in time you will learn to trust it.

Then test your new-found positivity in small situations, because that will build your self-confidence and help when you are faced with bigger challenges.

Just as you may need a personal trainer to help with your fitness, you may at first need a coach to help you with your imagination. A skilled Life Coach can help you to envisage what you want; to see, hear and feel what that means to you; then to plan and implement a series of steps towards achieving your personal goals.

Those small steps will, in time, become a journey and, before you know it, you will look back and realise that you have travelled a long way. Eventually you will be able to self-coach, to make your imagination your best friend and to move your life forward as you choose.

Top Tips
 Nothing is Created Without Imagination
 Our Imagination is Unlimited
 We Can Train Our Imagination
 Make it Your Best Friend!
 Change Your Thoughts and You Change Your World
 Think Positively and You Will Enjoy Mainly Positive Outcomes
 Seek Help from a Professional Life Coach

Brian Tregunna 07856571163

It’s OK to Not Be OK
Mental Wellbeing for Men
with Tregunna Life Coaching

To book a place or request further information please contact Brian Tregunna
Brian Tregunna 07856571163

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Alternatively, just come along and say hello on the evening

‘A Life Now Worth Living’

Treat yourself and other important people in your life to a copy of ‘A Life Now Worth Living’,

the highly acclaimed self-help Life Coaching book co-authored by our resident Life Coach, Brian Tregunna.

‘A Life Now Worth Living’ tells the inspirational, thought-provoking and sometimes emotional story of Ash’s personal journey from being an injured military veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to become a Master Coach helping other people to improve their lives.

‘A Life Now Worth Living’ also provides a number of ‘Tools to Improve Your Life’ that really make a difference and that you can use to:

 Let Go
 Take Action
 Move On
‘A Life Now Worth Living’ is available from all major bookshops and online suppliers as well as from the publishers via the following link.

Are you suffering with jaw pain and tension headaches?

Did you know that wearing a scarf when it’s chilly can help relax your shoulders, unclench your jaw and generally make you feel less tense? If like many jaw pain sufferers, you are experiencing more jaw pain than normal at the moment, try wearing a scarf!!

You may also like to try the TMJ Massage Therapies Jaw Massage Ball. This small (50mm) cork fascia ball is particularly suitable for the selective massage of individual trigger points and for releasing fascia and tension in the jaw, head and face. It allows you to reach specific points on the jaw and face that are more difficult to massage with a fascia roller – for example your feet, head, neck and jaw.

Targeted movements with the ball help to loosen tense muscles, increase blood flow in the fascia and loosen hardened connective tissue. You can determine the pressure yourself, depending on how sensitive you are to pain.

Head to to purchase your jaw massage ball to help you through Winter!

Helen Baker
Remedial Massage Therapist │TMJ Dysfunction Specialist

Tel: 07931 709 034

Hi everyone, 18 th October 2022 was World Menopause Day! A day to raise awareness of menopause
and the options available to help increase health and wellbeing in peri-menopausal and menopausal

In Chinese Medicine, the menopause (the time when our body ceases menstruation or periods) is
beautifully named ‘the second spring’.

This second spring is said to be a time when a woman’s energy (Qi and blood) moves up to the heart
where the Shen (or ‘Spirit’) resides. The second spring brings a deeper wisdom to a woman, it
stimulates creativity and an innate confidence, as well as courage and a nurturing of the self. The
transition to this new phase of life can be a challenging one as the body changes and women can
experience this physically, emotionally and mentally. It can have a huge impact on their life at home
and at work.

Menopause can cause a variety of symptoms, including mood swings, joint pain, headaches, tiredness,
hot flushes and palpitations. Women may also experience brain fog and memory issues, sweats,
difficulty sleeping, depression, anxiety, loss of sex drive, feelings of being less able to cope and changes
to their period.

In short, menopause is life changing!

Menopause is a natural process but for some the transition has also come earlier than expected
because of genetics or surgery or chemotherapy.

Acupuncture is a safe complimentary treatment that can help support you through the symptoms of
peri-menopause and menopause and may be suitable for those who cannot or would rather not take
hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Acupuncture is also safe to have alongside HRT.

Acupuncture promotes balance in the body and stimulates the body’s own ability to heal. It releases
endorphins, the body’s natural feel good chemicals’ At Zest Acupuncture you will receive a holistic
treatment to help you rebuild your energy levels, increase your general wellbeing, improve your quality
of life and help you feel more like you again.

Book now on 07837350462 or through the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre website.

Until then, beautiful, brave, hard-working , remarkable women… be gentle with yourself

Zest Acupuncture

I am a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists providing specialist counselling for children and young people from 8yrs old as well as adults.

I can help explore the following difficulties:

Self harm
Self injury
Suicidal thoughts
Grief and bereavement
Effects of traumatic experiences
Relationship breakdown
School attendance difficulties

Please see my website and maybe book an assessment appointment to see how I work and decide if my approach suits you.

+07471 657774

Do you suffer with
Jaw Tension?
Tension Headaches?
Facial Discomfort?
Why not try a TMJ Massage Therapies® Jaw Massage Ball?


Targeted movements with the Jaw Massage Cork Ball help to loosen tense jaw and
face muscles, increase blood flow in the fascia and loosen hardened connective tissue
leaving you feeling relaxed and with less jaw tension.

Ask at Reception or email


The most powerful sexual organ is our mind but it can work against us in the bedroom and
bring stress and strain to our relationships. Sex, intimacy and affection are basic human
needs that sit right up there with the air we breathe and the food we eat.
At least 40% of women and 30% of men experience difficulties enjoying normal sexual
activity, either as an individual or in their couple. This may include their physical pleasure,
desire, preference, arousal or orgasm.

Our sexual relationships and our intimacy with others play a huge part in our lives but they
don’t always come easily or naturally and this can quickly lead to anxiety and dysfunction.

The root cause can be complex, but whether it’s the attitude or teachings of our parents,
peer pressure, previous experiences or what we see on TV or other media, our feelings
about sex and the belief system that takes hold of us can have a dramatic effect on how we
perceive our sexuality and can so easily become an area of contention in our relationships.

Some of the many areas where we can work together are:
 sexual confidence
 sexual anxiety
 lack of libido or arousal
 erectile dysfunction
 ejaculatory issues
 testosterone deficiency

 sex addiction
 anorgasmia
 vaginismus
 vaginal dryness
 difficult or painful intercourse
 performance anxiety
 issues with intimacy
 over-reliance on porn
 post-birth issues

How can hypnosis help?

If you can think about tomorrow, you can imagine. If you can imagine, you can work for
change in hypnosis.

Sexual Freedom Hypnosis is a state-of-the-art hypnotherapy programme, designed to help
people overcome sexual issues and concerns and find pleasure, satisfaction and peace of
mind in their sexuality.

As a Sexual Freedom Hypnosis Practitioner, I work with you as an individual, or as a couple,
to find a way through to what nature made possible, in an open-minded manner without
embarrassment or judgment. By exploring the underlying causes of psycho-sexual issues, I
help you facilitate lasting change and move towards a healthy, enjoyable relationship with
your body, your sensuality and your sexuality.

Contact :
Isi Murray
07792 968619