Summer 2024 Newsletter

We are very lucky to have such a variety of therapies available here  at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre.

Our therapist provide a professional service in a calm and inviting environment.

We would like to welcome back Elena West to the centre , we have several new therapists who you can find out more by clicking the link

Maxine Sargeant -Massage Therapist , Nicky DJ – Massage Therapist, Leigh Loveday – Individual/Couple Counselling.

For that Special Occasion we offer Gift Vouchers for all Therapies.



















Leigh Loveday Dip.Couns, Reg MBACP Couples Counsellor/Therapist & Individual Counsellor/Therapist

We have a new therapist joining us here at Blue Lotus in June. Her name is Leigh Loveday and she will be offering couples counselling and one to one counselling.

The couples therapy is solution focused which looks at what is most desired and wanted by the couple providing a positive outlook to the future. It focuses on solution making and not problem solving. Alongside solution focused therapy, Leigh also draws upon her experience as a person-centred therapist, incorporating these skills into the sessions too providing a solid foundation for grow and healing. Leigh will start taking on new clients from mid-June so please do get in touch!

Brian Tregunna  Life Coaching




5 Core Pillars

Everyone who performs at a high level does the basics extremely well.

The 5 Core Pillars of Wellbeing are Hydration, Nutrition, Exercise, Self-Talk and Sleep. Maintaining strong Core Pillars will create a robust foundation upon which you can build high levels of performance.

There is a lot of information available about those Core Pillars elsewhere. The challenge, however, is for you to use that knowledge and take appropriate action on a regular basis so that you build strong positive habits and make them part of your daily routine.
Hydration: drink about 2 litres of water every day, either on its own or with cordials. More if you are exercising a lot. Be careful about the de-hydrating effects of alcohol and caffeine.
Nutrition: develop a healthy balanced diet that works for you and enables you to consistently perform at a high level. Include an appropriate balance of proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates.
Exercise: a fitness regime, including stretching, tailored to your footballing role, your own body, health and age.
Sleep: 7 – 9 hours per night depending upon age.
Self-Talk: very powerful but often overlooked. ‘Our words don’t describe the world we live in, they determine it.’(Tad James)

Be careful what you say because you are the one who is always listening.

Be mindful that everything you say during your lifetime, whether that’s out-loud or silently in your head, will be heard by just one person,


Importantly, your unconscious mind hears everything and is affected by what you say. Positive self-talk encourages and calms the unconscious mind, enabling you to be the best version of yourself. Whereas negative self-talk creates a perceived ‘threat’, triggering anxiety and stress, which drains you of energy. Use this knowledge to help with your football training, preparation and performance. If you notice any negative self-talk, tell yourself to ‘STOP IT’, visualise a roadside ‘STOP’ sign, and replace the negativity with positivity: ‘I
CAN …, I WILL …, I AM …’
Be relentlessly positive in everything you think, say and do

Brian Tregunna 07856571163

Nicolle MitchellITEC, MFHT Holistic Massage Practitioner & Trainer


Last summer, Nicolle Mitchell, Holistic Massage Practitioner and Trainer based here at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre was invited by the editor of International Therapist to write an editorial on the “Ethics of Touch”.

A passionate advocate of promoting bodily autonomy, this was a challenge Nicolle could not resist so in the autumn wrote a thought-provoking article exploring the ethics of touch, consent and the professional boundaries of a bodywork therapist. Nicolle navigates the practicalities of holding space safely for both the client and the therapist, delves into consent and tackles maintaining sexual boundaries head on. She considers the implications of a person’s history, as well trauma, a person’s culture, ability and how we can adapt approaches to promote best inclusive practice.

Nicolle says, “as professionals, we hold a power dynamic, and it’s crucial to take that responsibility seriously,” and that includes having a good understanding of  professional limitations, signposting clients on to other support services where appropriate.
You can read Nicolle’s full article “A Touchy Subject” on her website:
Little Massage Clinic – Little Massage Clinic (
Just click on the “BLOG” tab & it’s the first article on the page.
Nicolle can be contacted on 07899 944650 or to
discuss your or a loved one’s needs.

Nicolle MitchellITEC, MFHT Holistic Massage Practitioner & Trainer

New course coming to the Blue Lotus in Autumn!

Nicolle Mitchell, Holisitic Massage Practitioner and Trainer is excited to announce that she is currently working with the Federation of Holistic Therapists to host her new course “Aromatherapy for Persons Living with Dementia” in Wales in July but that she will also be running the course from The Blue Therapy Centre in the autumn. This new course is a natural progression from her 2 other courses:

Massaging Persons Living with Dementia: a 1 day course open to all who wish to use therapeutic touch to connect without words and improve wellbeing for a person living with dementia

Massaging Persons Living with Dementia – The Advanced Course: a 2 day course for hands on therapists wishing to become more inclusive in their practice, learn specialist massage techniques, better understand dementia and the impact it can have on a person and their brain, navigate consent and the law, compassionate communication, understand drivers behind behaviours and how to navigate them more smoothly.

The aromatherapy course is open to qualified and qualifying aromatherapists and is all about blending aromatherapy and massage art with science to generate the best outcomes for people who live with dementia.

Nicolle says, “Given the rising number of people living with dementia and that according to dementia lead Prof. Sube Banerjee, the drugs don’t work, we need to use gentler, more person led ways of supporting a person to live as well as they can. This new course helps therapists access evidence based information on how essential oils can effectively support the wellbeing of people living with dementia, and the great thing is there seems to be far less side effects than using medication. It’s all about sharing knowledge and best practice to become more effective and inclusive in our work.”

Although participants would benefit from attending Nicolle’s Massaging Persons Living with Dementia course first, it is not a pre-requisite. You can attend this later to become more inclusive and dementia informed in your practice if you wish. Both courses will be running here at the Blue Lotus on the 18th and 19th October.

For further details, please feel free to contact Nicolle:

Tel: 07899 944650

Nicolle Mitchell ITEC, MFHT
Award Winning Massage Practitioner . Trainer . Consultant

“When words escape us, touch says it all.”

Massage for Dementia
The Little Massage Clinic
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Ruth Freeman  Colon Hydrotherapist

Dublin born Ruth is a holistic therapist, qualified in Massage, Reflexology, Reiki Healing and Coaching since 2004. In 2010, having personally experienced incredible health benefits from Colonics, Ruth decided to train as a Colonic Hydrotherapist. Ruth launched The Cleansing Space in 2013, a unique brand established to inspire, empower and align you for optimum health. This very special cleansing is the key to wellbeing.

In 2023 Ruth relocated to Penzance from London. Ruth’s passion for in-depth knowledge of Cleansing has been described as an inspiration by many of her clients. She consistently shows how surprisingly small changes in eating habits and lifestyle can improve energy levels, rejuvenate and promote wellbeing inside and out.
Colonic Hydrotherapy is a gentle and effective treatment, highly beneficial for those with constipation, bloating, digestive disorders, weight gain, skin problems and much more. Contrary to popular belief, the treatment is relaxing and certainly not painful. Disposable equipment is used in every treatment.
Over the last number of years Ruth has also qualified in Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Metabolic Balance Programme, which she also offers at her clinics.
For appointments
Please call the centre directly on: 01209 822400 or email:
Visit The Cleansing Space booking system: if  you have any questions ahead of booking a treatment,                                                                                                     Ruth is happy to give you a call at a pre arranged time.
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