Tracey Bennett Person centered  Counsellor , Group facilitator, therapist and trainer

Hi I am a Person centered  Counsellor , Group facilitator, therapist and trainer.

At my core I work from a Person centered perspective but depending on client need offer other aspects of counselling and therapy taken from CBT, Gestalt, TA and DBT.

I specialise in Domestic abuse and Sexual violence, Healthy relationships, Anxiety and depression but have experience of, and work with many other issues that have the potential to affect a healthy way of being.

I endeavour to offer a warm, safe and non-judgmental space, enabling prospective clients the environment to consider their thoughts and concerns holistically and alongside myself.

I am aware of my own core values and beliefs and feel that self awareness is an important insight into ones healing. I hold strong personal and professional boundaries, I work with integrity and with humility and I am passionate about supporting others.

Through no fault of our own it can be easy to forget what excites us, to not know enjoyment and to lose the ability to laugh, to enjoy life and those around us. I believe there is positivity, learning and the potential to increase personal awareness in every low tide so to speak. I endeavour to help support those who are currently struggling with the inevitable ups and downs of life and help them manage the situation until a better way forward can be found.

How I work I offer no guarantees but believe that we get out of life what we put in and given the right environment, support and time, hope we can find the healing and peace you are looking for together.

It is my belief that you have the answers to your issues but may just need a little, or in some cases a lot of support in unlocking them.

As a Person centered counsellor it is my belief that I am not the expert... you are. You are also in control of the amount of sessions you choose to have, what you choose to discuss and ultimately the extent of learning and understanding of self.

What I offer is a confidential space where you can explore who you are currently and at your core, I will listen and offer occasional insights or gentle questioning, if you would like a more directive approach we can look at aspects of other approaches to counselling and therapy that might be useful to you. Most importantly you will always be in control of what you share and how far you engage.