Sally Allardyce Couples & Individual Counselling

Couples & Individual Counselling

I am an experienced counsellor working with individual and couples. I use warmth, compassion, honesty, and empathy within our counselling relationship, and I will support you to explore the potential for changes in your life.

I have lots of experience of working with adults seeking help and support with a range of issues including anxiety, abuse, trauma, self-esteem, depression and relationship difficulties.

Issues that indicate that you will benefit from seeing a couples counsellor are:

* Difficulties communicating what you need

* Trust has been broken

* Arguments are becoming more frequent

* Emotional intimacy is gone or reduced

* Physical intimacy is difficult

* Walking on eggshells, afraid to speak

​ I offer space for you and your partner to explore any issues within your relationship. We will work together to increase the communication and connection between you.

​ Couples counselling helps you to recognise and resolve potential conflict and improve your relationship.

Outside of work, I have a dog (Lilly the beagle, now 12 years old) that needs lots of walks to work off her energy. I enjoy baking, I always make too much, so others do benefit. I find being outside is the best therapy for me, listening, smelling, simply being still, and we live in the best county for this.

Any questions please contact me

+07999 598045