Margarithe Mayes BA (Hons) H.Dip.Ed (PG) ILM L7 Personal and Executive Coach

Margarithe is an experienced Coach and Trainer who works with people from all walks of life who want to make changes and realise their full potential.

Margarithe knows first-hand that change can be daunting and has overcome many challenges which has resulted in her passion and wish to help others; hence her motto Advance, Innovate and Create.

Margarithe’s work empowers people and boosts their confidence to walk a new path. She uses a range of coaching and mentoring techniques to ensure that new life or business skills are gained from each session.

Margarithe’s clients are more confident, resilient, stress-free and happier after working with her. Margarithe will guide you to make challenging decisions that will help you build in the identified areas addressed in sessions. Margarithe offers a free no-obligation introductory chat for clients to start their new journey to Advance, Innovate and Create.

As a member of the European Mentoring and Couching Council, Margarithe adheres to their Code of Ethics and Principles to ensure safe practice.