Kaya K.S. Marklund Hypnotherapy, Healing and Naturopathy

I am a certified Hypnotherapist, Naturopath and Healer , I also hold a level 3 certificate in Mental Health Awareness.Previously I have also studied Art Therapy, Psychological Astrology , Bio-Energy and Feng Shui. I stepped on the path of healing at a very young age. Early in my teenage years I decided to find a way to help people with mental and emotional problems on a fundamental level. It quickly became clear to me that suppressed emotions, ignoring how one feels and feeling 'not enough’, or not loved and accepted, are the main reasons for people’s issues. At first I learnt about energy healing and I practiced it consistently for the past 21 years. With many years experience I understood that every real healing needs to happen on all four levels: Energetical, Emotional, Psychological and Physical. Because we exist on these levels and our issues spread through all of them. That is why I am connecting hypnotherapy with healing and naturopathy to help you to heal on all of these levels. I have my own technique called Emotional processing, that is hypnotherapy and energy healing combined in one. With a holistic approach and a person-centred care I offer help for any emotional and mental issue, such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, OCD, PTSD, complex phobias, addictions, improving lifestyle and well-being, personality disorders, ADHD, eating disorders (including weight loss) and all other conditions. My services are meant for anybody, whatever the crisis or life situation, with all the personal relations involved; partners, colleagues, children or other family members. All prices are on my website. I offer low-cost sessions for low income as well.