Daniella Saunders M.A. Holistic Health Consultant, Philosopher , Transformation Coach

I provide support in two main areas: I help people who are experiencing stress-related health conditions, chronic fatigue and illness to improve their quality of life. I also help people to understand the nature of their mind, thoughts and emotions, and to create change through personal development. Some of the things I help people with include: o   Reducing stress, anxiety, worry or fear o   Chronic fatigue conditions and illness o   Improving emotional health and relationships o   Overcoming trauma, loss or bereavement o   Using natural therapies for symptom management o   Exploring the relationship between spirituality and health o   Releasing unhelpful beliefs and behaviour patterns o   Developing personal skills: confidence, change, focus o   Aligning with your authentic values and life purpose o   Controlling your mind, thoughts and emotions My professional experience includes over thirty years working in the NHS and private sectors, helping people with acute illness, chronic health conditions, and behaviour change. In addition to being qualified as a registered nurse, holistic practitioner and coach, I have also studied metaphysics, philosophy of mind, spirituality and health. So, I often work with people who are interested in developing wisdom and transforming their life on a deep level. I specialise in understanding the nature of mind; and the relationship between emotional stress, chronic illness and personal or spiritual transformation. I offer a free 20-minute phone consultation for people who are interested in working with me and who want to discuss their situation in more detail. Please contact me if you would like to book an appointment.

+01872 709702