Pippa King

Intuitive Therapist, Integrative Hypnotherapist (Hons) & Energy Healing Teacher

I’ve been working Internationally as an Intuitive Therapist, Personal Development and Energy Healing Teacher since the year 2000. I specialise in a holistic approach to inner well-being and helping you to powerfully heal, release and move beyond blocks, fears, limiting beliefs and trauma to create the life results you really want with an improved sense of self. I currently offer one to one sessions and run workshops and certified healing courses at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre.

When I was 20 years old, I was involved in a major car crash that triggered debilitating PTSD symptoms of depression, fear and panic attacks from earlier life events. My path to recovery led me to the therapeutic approaches that have later become the basis for what now works so successfully with my clients and students. These techniques were so fast, powerful and effective that I dedicated my life’s work to assisting others in moving beyond blocks, fears and traumas to live their lives to the fullest.

How I Can Help

Whether you want to overcome blocks & fears, destress, move beyond past traumas or create different results in your life, I can help.

Because everybody is unique, I combine a powerful mix of varied therapeutic approaches with over 20 years’ experience as an intuitive therapist and energy work to provide individually tailored treatments, providing the most effective means for creating inner balance and for transforming inner conflicts and life challenges into positive ways forward.By creating inner change for outer results you can dissolve and overcome any obstacles to your happiness, freedom, well-being and success.

I assist you in connecting with your body’s wisdom and inner resources in new ways, allowing fast, effective results without the need to go over past experiences. As you clear your blocks, resolve inner conflicts and reprogram your system, you connect with your true-self more deeply to create more inner peace, balance and wholeness. From this place you can manifest, create and experience new results and experiences in your life.

Whether you would like to love and believe in yourself more, take a new life path, create better relationships, move beyond old traumas, free yourself from fears or blocks holding you back, clear your blocks on a specific life area, such as money or career or develop your healing gifts, I would love to help you to peel away any layers of pain, fear and conditioning that has been holding you back, so that you can be shine your light and create a life you love inside and out, thriving with self-appreciation, contentment, fulfilment, freedom and success.

What I Can Help With

·       Freedom from Fears & Phobias

·       Confidence in Public Speaking

·       Moving Beyond Traumas

·       Self-Healing

·       Overcoming Relationship Issues

·       Developing Self-Worth and Appreciation

·       Building Self-Esteem

·       Overcoming Anxiety

·       Resolving Inner Conflicts

·       Clearing Blocks – Money, Success, Career, Relationships, Creativity

·       Developing Healthy Boundaries

·       Releasing Stress, Pain & Tension

·       Clearing Brain Clutter and Overwhelm

·       Getting Unstuck

·       Support through Grief and Loss

·       Anything that is negatively impacting the quality of your life.



Janet Gilson – 5 star
“I visited Pippa as I had an important public speaking engagement coming up and was extremely nervous and also had some other anxiety issues, she helped me to overcome my fears and anxiety, so much so that I have recommended her to family and friends. I will definitely go back if I need any further help, it certainly worked for me!”

Penny Allen – 5 star
“Pippa is absolutely lovely and the sessions were brilliant. I have felt much better for them and after many months of pain feel like I’m finally able to improve. Not to mention that I also just feel better in myself and more relaxed.
I highly recommend her and Theta healing. Thanks Pippa 🙂 x

Fluer – 5 star

“I have been seeing Pippa periodically over the past 5 years, initially suffering from a debilitating sleeping problem. Having spent months taking sleeping tablets and doing everything that the doctors suggested I do to alleviate this problem; I was no further forth and had reached breaking point. My initial meeting with Pippa was reassuring, supportive and above all gave me tremendous hope for eliminating my current issues. Needless to say I after a few sessions, I now manage my sleep very well.

I am now a regular visitor to Pippa, amongst other things she has the greatest ability to calm my nerves, help me to stay focused and positive on whatever emotional and physical issues that are thrown my way. My most recent appointments have been around fertility issues which she has helped me over come and given me the strength, encouragement and belief that I could get pregnant…..I am currently expecting!

I cannot speak or recommend more highly Pippa King she has been so influential in my life, giving me the tools that allow me to resolve and conquer my emotional and physical problems.”


Pippa King

Intuitive Therapist, Integrative Hypnotherapist (Hons) & Energy Healing Teacher
Theta DNA™ Healing Trainer, Hypnotherapist (Hons), NLP Master Practitioner, Reiki Master, PTSD  & Trauma Specialist, Critical Incident Debriefer, Life Coach, Wealth Coach, EFT Practitioner, Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator and Holistic Healing Teacher.

To Book a session contact Pippa on  – 07843971537 or  Email link – shineandthrive8@gmail.com

For upcoming workshops and healing courses view my website or facebook page.

Website – www.cornwallwellbeing.co.uk

FB page link – https://fb.me/cornwallwellbeing