Kim David


I have a background as a Scene of Crime Officer with the Metropolitan Police; after a number of years, I retrained as a hypnotherapist following a two -year custody battle and three years of house floods which triggered severe depression.  Somewhere deep within, I realised that I wanted to help others to conquer their fears, and re-train their minds to health again.

I have a personal interest in Past Life Regression therapy. Hypnosis is natural, we do it when we are day dreaming! Or when we drive a car and can’t remember the journey! A hypnosis session is like a good night’s sleep, a hypnotherapist works with you, to connect with the unconscious mind and explore the emotional factors that impact on our daily lives and change them.

I am also a qualified NLP Practitioner. I trained with Dr. Richard Bandler who co-created NLP. He developed a process whereby, thought patterns and eye movements are studied along with communication. Just in case you are thinking that I am rather serious, I can assure you that Dr. Richard Bandler trains his practitioners to help people with humour, and laughter really is the best medicine.

I genuinely enjoy helping people to help themselves. I have probably seen it and heard it before, so don’t be shy, contact me.

I primarily treat emotional problems such as anxiety / depression with Hypnosis and NLP.  I can and do treat many issues such as weight loss, smoking addiction, phobias etc. My fee is £50.00 per hour. This involves an in-depth exploration which is client led, into the reasons for the behaviour and with hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming together we can make some very positive changes.

Qualifications Are: BA Hons, Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cert Hypnotherapy, Postgraduate Diploma in Law, NLP Practitioner.

Hypnosis requires the client to assist the hypnotherapist in wanting to be hypnotised and allowing the hypnotherapist to help you. If you resist the treatment then you are wasting your money.

Phobias, giving up smoking and weight loss. £50.00 per hr usually a two-hour session. Depending on the nature of the problem. Likely to be two sessions.

Stress / relaxation  session 1 hour for an individual £30 per hour.   Group  Sessions 1 hour 30 mins  £10.00 per person restricted to 5 people.

Past Life Regression individual session of two hours £150.00

Group Past Life Regression where you will still experience a regression but without the benefit of my being able to ask and receive detailed answers from you, whilst in a trance state.

My initial consultation of 1 hour is free; this allows us both to decide whether hypnosis is the right treatment for your needs and the possible length of treatment, forms, and a booking fee if necessary.

Name: Kim David email: Mobile: 07412811752